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Kingdoms and Castles on Steam

Castles: kingdom divided/alas my love/if only/five geese flying (heartsong novella collection)

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              Castles of Wales Wales is home to some of the United Kingdom's most well-known castles, which were mainly built by the English to control the Welsh, who proved very capable at thwarting the English lords. Wales is a unique and scenic region that has much to offer and is a great place for a vacation.  For more information, see our Guide to the Best Places to Visit in Wales . 

Caernarfon Castle (13th century) is regarded as the most impressive of the castles built by Edward I. In addition to its role in the defensive strategy of the English, historians believe that its massive style was purposeful and designed to convince the Welsh  of Edward͊ determination to establish the English dominance over Wales. While Caernarfon may not have met the latter goal, it is one of the most inspiring of the castles in Wales.

In addition, Caernarfon is famous for its ornamentation.  It was built with an unusual number of towers and its curtain walls include alternating rows of different colored stones.  In 1969, Caernarfon served as the location for the investiture of Charles, Prince of Wales.  See the Castle's official website for more information on visiting.

Castle Conwy was sited to overlook the River Conwy and control its traffic both for supply and defensive purposes.  The castle, built in the late 13th century for Edward I as part of his plan to subjugate the Welsh, is known for its eight massive towers and a location that was both strategic and easy to defend.  Size, however was a constraint and Conwy was built without concentric walls.  However, its eight turrets allowed full visibility of the surrounding area.